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Hey rockstars!  So as many of you know, I’ve been teaching 1-on-1 guitar lessons for many years and I’ve easily taught 100’s of complete beginners how to ROCK!  So what I’ve done is condensed all of that material I usually teach within the first month or so into ONE FULL AND SHORT BOOK called Guitar Basics.  This covers all that you need to know to get started.

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Here are a few comments from people who have actually read it and used it!

“This is the perfect guide for beginners.  I was a new guitar player just 2  months ago and this helped me to get all the basic stuff down really good.  The pictures helped a lot too.  I would highly recomend this book for anyone looking to play guitar.”  -Richard


“I recommend this book 100%!!  I actually have taken guitar classes before but this helped  me understand the material i skipped over before.  And for the price, it’s amazing.   I would’ve spent at least 4 times that much to learn what i know now.  Get guitar basics and you wont regret it!!  Good info in there and for cheap!!!”  -Veronica


This book is a comprehensive and concise manual for getting started on guitar! Although designed for beginners, this book is a great read and resource from rookies to pros alike because it covers the basics of what every guitar player SHOULD know!

Don’t think you can’t learn guitar, because YOU CAN. With this book, you will have access to a typical 1st month of lessons with Andrew McCormick.

That’s up to a $220 value!  The book costs you $4.99.  Let’s do the math.  $220-$5=$215.  That means you’ll save $215 upon purchase of the book!  That’s a deal you would have to be crazy to pass up!   Why is it so cheap?

Because I want YOU to progress as quickly as possible.  With this book, you can do just that!


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5/5 Stars

“This is a great first guitar book. Not only did the author go over the basics of how the physical guitar actually works and functions, he provides very practical, basic information on chords, strumming patterns and tabs. If a new player plays through the contents of this book, he or she can be confident that they have the base talent needed to learn how to play this instrument.”  -Paul


5/5 Stars

“If you are interested in learning guitar this book is a great way to get started. It covers the basics in a straight forward and easy to understand manner. Anyone who reads the book and completes the lessons presented will be well on their way to playing their favorite songs around the campfire.”  -Theresa


5/5 Stars

“Explains the basics well. Easy and fun to follow. I recommend this for anyone who wants to start playing guitar.”       -Justin


For this month only, I’ve decided to throw in an extra bonus!!  If you purchase this perfect book for guitar beginners, I will give you half off your first lesson with me!  That’s right, you have NO reason to not buy this book.  The value is too good to pass up if you are serious about learning guitar!

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