How to Play ANY Song on the Guitar

Are you tired of the confusion of trying to play a song?

Do you want the freedom to play ANY song on the guitar?

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone with years of experience teaching beginners put together an easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to follow guide for rocking out anything you heard on the radio?!


I did.

Hi, I’m Andrew McCormick and I’ve been teaching guitar to students that range from complete beginner to complete pro for a decade.  At this point I’ve easily taught over hundreds of students just like you.

Over time, as I continued to break down song after song for my students, a simple set of tools and foundations began to emerge.  I realized that to play ANY song on the guitar, it really only takes a few things.  Once you have that, the world is yours.  It’s really that simple.  In fact, that is my full time job, to make the seemingly complex world of music not so complex for my students.


I decided to put it all together in one simple, easy to follow program and called it How to Play ANY Song on the Guitar, because that’s exactly what it allows you to do!

  • First I break down the parts of the guitar so you are familiar with the language.

  • Then I teach you how to read guitar tablature which allows you to easily Google search for any melody, riff, solo, or guitar line you want to know and learn it quickly and without confusion!

  • After that, we cover chords.  First we discuss what they are and how they work, then we cover the 8 chords you need to know to play almost any song!  I also show you how to read the chord chart on your own so you can learn ANY chord in the world with ease.

  • In the next chapter, I break down and teach you the  basics of strum patterns.  You will understand how they work and why we use them in guitar.  Also, we cover all the most common strum patterns in the world so you can already start applying your new skills without thinking!

  • As we come toward the end of our journey together, I go over a chapter titled Smooth Transitions.  This is a chapter dedicated to helping you to go from one chord to the next as smoothly and easily as possible.  We review the “guitar push-up” and I give you a set of chords to practice going back and forth with.  If you work this chapter right, you will be playing any song you want with very little effort.

  • Finally, we cover the last chapter titled Putting it All Together.  In this chapter, we put everything we’ve learned into a simple 4 chord progression and leave you feeling confident and more importantly COMPETENT enough to use your new skills to sing and play insert your favorite song here.

Did I forget to mention this product is sold as an eBook on Amazon but is actually much more?  How?

EACH and EVERY chapter title is hyperlinked and clickable.  Simply click it and a private one-on-one video opens up just for you.  I walk you through each chapter myself in full HD quality.

No more confusing books that leave you scratching your head.


No more programs that move wayyyy to fast and are insanely hard to follow.


With How to Play ANY Song on the Guitar,you will be guided perfectly along the way at an easy pace with no extras that you don’t need to know anyway.  Just the brass tacks!  Just the good stuff!  Just the items you need to play ANY song on the guitar!!

Comes with a 100% money back guarantee! No questions asked!
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