Learn the 7 steps of building a great solo!  Each step builds on the last and improves your playing each time you use it.  This class is exclusively for guitar players looking to supercharge their lead playing abilities and understanding.  This class is NOT for complete beginners. 

When: Monday January 10 @ 6pm (2 hour class)
Fee: $95/person
Teacher:  Andrew McCormick
Class limit: 8 people

Jam along with fellow students at this free event!  This jam session will feature 2 songs by Social Distortion; Ball and Chain and Story of My Life.  You don’t have to know both songs to attend.  All ages, instruments, and skill levels welcome.  Songs will be performed in their original key.

When: Sunday January 16 @ 12pm (2 hour event)
Fee: Free for currently enrolled students
$40/non-enrolled student
Teacher:  Daniel Larrea
Class limit:  20
Learn the foundations of jazz and jazz theory in this class.  This workshop will help to get you started on the right foot for playing one of the most coveted styles of music ever.  This class is NOT for beginners.  Make sure you know basic theory, chords, and scales to fully grasp the material covered.  This class is for piano and guitar players.

When: Friday January 21 @ 6pm (1 hour class)
Fee: Free for anyone!
Teacher:  Jacob Chatfield
Class limit:  8
Mix it up in this class and learn to explore and have fun with latin style music.  Guitar, bass, drums, piano, and percussion players are welcome.  In fact, if you are a drummer, you should DEFINITELY consider this class as it will open your eyes to new and fun rhythms you probably didn’t know existed!  

When: Sunday January 30 @ 12pm (1.5 hour class)
Fee: Free for current students
$25/non-enrolled student
Teacher:  Daniel Larrea
Class limit:  10

All classes and jams are in person and in the front room of McCormick Music (address below).  Masks are encouraged and can be provided on location.  All fees are non-refundable.  We will confirm via email and google calendar once you are officially enrolled.  We encourage you to sign up for as many classes and jams as you can!  Please bring your own instruments if possible.  Thanks,

Your friends and teachers at MML