“Andrew is a dynamic instructor that can tailor his lesson plan to what the student is interested in learning about and can cover a range of topics on the fly. He is patient in his approach and is able to make the student feel comfortable. I would recommend him to others.”

Jeff, Huntington Beach


“Andrew is an amazing instructor with a true desire/passion to help you excel at the guitar.  Constant encouragement and support.  A genuinely good person.  Andrew, thanks brother, you are a rock star.”

Jay, Irvine


“Andrew was a wonderful guitar teacher for my daughter-very flexible and Always upbeat and encouraging. We recommend him highly.”

DruAnn, Huntington Beach


“Great teacher! Great guy! Great price!!! Too bad work takes up too much if my time! Hopefully I can schedule some lessons soon!!! Thanks Drew!!!”

Jhoanna, Huntington Beach


“I’ve been playing the guitar for years now, but I felt like I’ve reached a plateau. I wanted some lessons on improvising, and improving my speed for shredding. Andrew was able to gauge my skill level and began our lessons from there. His teaching methodology is great, interactive, and fun for guitar enthusiasts of all levels. Some virtues of a good teacher are patience, commitment, and encouragement, which Andrew possesses. I highly recommend McCormick Guitar Lessons without any reservations.”

Vien, Los Angeles


“Highly recommended. Andrew is passionate about music and his guitar lessons. He’s always prepared and enthusiastic. Anyone considering Andrew as a teacher, wouldn’t be disappointed. : )”

Mike, Huntington Beach


“Drew is an outstanding teacher and has made a big impression on my son (and 5-year daughter who thinks he’s cute). In addition to becoming a “rock star” when he gets older my son now wants to also be a cool guitar teacher. Drew is incredibly patient – as we all know 8-year-olds aren’t exactly the easiest to corral and teach. We are extremely fortunate to have found him!”

Chris, Irvine


“Andrew is a dynamic instructor that can tailor his lesson plan to what the student is interested in learning about and can cover a range of topics on the fly. He is patient in his approach and is able to make the student feel comfortable. I would recommend him to others.”

Jeff, Huntington Beach


“Andrew has been incredible teaching our daughter since over a year now. He is very supportive, patient and encouraging. We are very happy with his teaching skills and find him absolutely  charismatic.  I highly recommend Andrew  for a wonderful guitar learning experience!”

Martha, Newport Beach


“Truly the best. Andrew spends the time teaching you the music you want to play. I have a great deal of confidence in him because it’s obvious he knows what he’s doing.
One of the things I really appreciate is how comfortable he makes his students feel. I think an instructor can make a student look forward to a lesson or dread going.
I can’t recommend Andrew enough. You will learn and enjoy doing it. However, he can only do so much – you do have to practice.”

Zoe, Huntington Beach


“Great Tchristestimonialpiceacher. Very patient, Encouraging, and Accomadating.
If you put in
the time to practice his lessons, Drew will turn you into a Rock Star  in no time. I always look forward to my weekly lesson.
If you want to start learning guitar, there is no one better to guide you on your journey than Drew.”

Chris, Irvine




Andrew is an awesome instructor!  I highly recommend him for guitar players of any suzannelevel.  He is patient and caters each lesson to your specific needs.  He develops a lesson plan that allows his students to improve at their own pace and reach their guitar goals.  I have greatly improved since I started taking lessons.  His lessons are both fun and challenging (in a good way that raises your guitar playing).  Thanks Drew!

Suzanne, Orange

“There are a lot of guitar players that try to be guitar teachers. But being a guitar player is NOT the same as being a guitar teacher. Andrew is the rare combination of both. He has got mad talent as a guitar player, but his real genius is his ability to translate that talent into teaching at whatever level you are at. Bottom line, if you are serious about learning to play the guitar, or if you just want to be able to be able to play a few songs for your friends… quit looking for the right teacher… you have just found him.”

-Jeff, Orange

“Andrew’s lessons are truly better than any other teacher we’ve had before.  Our old teacher would usually just play the whole time and show us a few things and then move on.  Andrew doesn’t do that.  He is patient and full of knowledge!  Thanks Andrew!”

Michelle, Santa Ana

“I can’t believe how lucky I got in choosing Andrew to be my guitar instructor! He pushes me without discouraging me and always keeps me motivated to keep going. I love that he teaches me to play songs that *I* want to learn the way a seasoned musician would play them, not just the way someone learning from a textbook would. I’m always impressed by how much time and thought he puts into lesson planning, and I never get through a lesson without laughing. I’m a learning expert and instructional designer, and I wouldn’t change a thing about his teaching methods.”

Heidi, Costa Mesa

“Andrew is the best teacher my dad and I have ever found. Plus the price is great and well worth it. He makes learning guitar fun! My dad and I have learned more with Andrew in just a few months of practicing than we did with our past teacher of two years. He is an awesome teacher and I would recommend him to all of my friends and family.”

Stephanie, Huntington Beach

“Being a former musician as well as being a businessman who appreciates others who are responsible and live-up to their commitments, I was looking for a guitar instructor who knows how to instruct, motivate, inspire, be on-time, and fairly priced.  I found exactly what I was looking for in Andrew.  He is patient but persistent in his method, taking the time to demonstrate and repeat until you get it.  Andrew has a talent for understanding his student, pointing them in the direction they want to go, and showing them how to get there without a lot of frustration.  I am pleased with my progress and look forward to each lesson.  I recommend Andrew unreservedly.”

Mike, Newport Beach

“Andrew is a great player and teacher.  He is able to recognize problem areas and help you with tactics to cure them.  You will learn songs and techniques that you will not learn from other teachers.  He is inspirational and patient.  This is the teacher you have been looking for, for rock, blues and acoustic.”

Stewart, Irvine

“I cannot say enough about Andrew. He is professional, patient, flexible, and encouraging. Every time I had a lesson, it finished on a high note. I had a cheap guitar which didn’t motivate me to play after he left, but I can tell you that once I purchase a guitar that makes it worthwhile to play, I will go back to Andrew – no doubt about it. He was an awesome find!”

Melinda, Huntington Beach


scottpic“Andrew is second to none. Even my wife likes to hear me play now. Thanks for everything man. Cheers!”

Scott, Irvine




“Andrew is a joy to learn guitar from! He is so very patient and encouraging. He is always affirming you along the way and helping you to be the best you can be. He is down to earth and not intimidating and he doesn’t make you feel stupid if you don’t get something but meets you where you are at so you can understand it. You can tell he really loves teaching and therefore it makes him even better than he is because it’s not a “job” to him. He is available to you anytime to ask him something or have him send you something you forgot or want to learn. He is the best and I am so happy to have found him. If you are looking for a guitar teacher look no further!”

Jen, Fountain Valley

“Excellent guitar teacher for any level. Detailed and patient instruction and structured in a way that you can track and see your progress. Prices are reasonable and flexible schedule. Highly recommended.”

Francisco, Santa Ana

Great lessons.  Great price.  McCormick Guitar Lessons.  🙂

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