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Hey guys, I’m gonna show you how to play, Dammit by Blink 182 in honor of their awesome reunion, who I’m super excited to see. I haven’t got tickets yet, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out. Anyways, we’re gonna zoom in. There’s really just a handful of parts. It’s based on the same four chords. I’m gonna zoom in for you, show you some cool stuff, and give you a little bonus at the very end. So stick around.


Okay, So I’m gonna go ahead and just demonstrate this full speed and then half speed, and then break it down and how you guys can play it.


So what I’m doing is I’m essentially doing this a couple things. There’s this repeating kind of motif on the end, open D to second fret D, right? That keeps coming back around till the very end where it switches up a little bit, and then it follows that chord progression overall in the song, which is C to G to A to F. Want you to remember those four notes in order. That’s most of the song. I’d say it’s the whole song, actually, in a way. So here it is. It’s gonna go second fret of the A string. That’s the note of C here, I’m sorry, third fret A string. I apologize on my second finger. That’s what I’m meant to say. Twice. An open D, twice and second fret D. Then my first note changes to the G, third fret of the E string then back for D to the second fret D, right? And then open A starts off the next, the third line, open, second, right? And that last line changes it up a little bit. I gotta move all of my fingers to go first. Fret E, my note of F, then twice, and my second finger comes in for the D string. Second fret


Play that twice, then to the open D. So it kind of reverses in a way in the end.


And that line is essentially a lot of fun, and it’s definitely a lot faster than that, that, So be patient, take your time, work it up, and then it’s all tracing these four chords, which is essentially the whole song. So underneath that, you can kind of play the, if you’re the rhythm player, you’re just going C. The C power chord, third fret of the A string, fifth fret of the D, call it a day. You can add that pinky if you want, over here as your extra one, right? That would be in this case, on the third fret of the G string, right? That’s kind of underneath, that’s in the interlude, that’s underneath that riff. It’s a lot of the song. I’m just going down down up up down up, down down up up down up, down down up up down up, down down up up down up.


What I’m doing is we’re just going C, power chord to a G, power chord, third fret, fifth fret on the E, A, and D, moving that shape up. A whole step to the A power chord. Fifth fret, seventh fret, seventh fret. And then to my F here. First fret, 3rd fret, 3rd fret.


So that’s kind of happening underneath that little motif or that riff. Okay? Now the verse is gonna be the same chords, but with some palm muting, it’s really fast. So here it is, slowed down. I’m gonna leave it up to you to work it up. I do have a really great video on palm muting so feel free to check that out. So here we go. I’m going, same chords, C, G, A F, right? But now I’m just going to be splashing that one, and from the back end for some palm muting on two and three and four and for every chord. So one, two, and three, and four, and one, two, and three, and four and, one, two, and three, and four and, one, two and three and four and. It’s a lot faster than that. So work that right hand, the down picking is necessary to really get that kind of driving crunch, but that’s what they’re doing


For the verse that’s done. All the verses are the same way. Then there’s what I would consider, probably call it a pre-chorus, which is the same four chords. Now I’m gonna pick it up and open it all up. Now notice what I’m doing there on that F. Everything’s down down up up down up, down down up up down up, down down up up down up.


The F going one, two, three little stutter steps there. Okay? So 1, 2, 3. And you’re gonna do that for the F every time in the pre-chorus.


Next part we have is a chorus, which is gonna be this. Everything’s kind of the same, but just doubled up. And the rhythm’s a little different, right? So everything’s doubled up. Two measures for each, the C G A and the F. And then once you go down, down up down up down up down up down up down up down up.


Right? So that’s 1, 2 and 3 and 4 and 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and. So a little bit more driving in that chorus and open it up, man. Have some fun. Lay into those. That’s the choruses.


Now really. All we have left in terms of the parts is the interlude. And again, I’m gonna leave it to you guys to piece it together. Here’s the interlude, kind of more or less full speed. And then I’m gonna break it down for you. So the interludes really nice. It’s really just by the way, underneath the chords are just a, C, G, A minor and an F. Or you can just play those power chords maybe clean ’em up a little bit for the rhythm player. And then the lead goes E, E, first, B, G. So 1, 2, 3. The next part’s gonna be third fret, B, open, high E, first fret. So now let those ring out, those last notes, Let ’em ring, then repeats. But you just simply do that twice. Now, that three open, one on that second time, and then goes right back into it


Then again.


So it’s really just that section twice. And that’s your interlude. Now if you want the demonstration, I can give you the chords underneath real quick. It’s just a So I kind of clean it up a little bit. Go again. Oh, sorry. Ah, sorry. And then G, then a minor, then F, right? So I’ve cleaned it up here. It’s just a C major, G major, A minor, and an F major. Or you can always just do the power cords,


Right? Keep it simple. Nothing wrong with that. It’ll just sound a little bit more lush, a little more full if you do those open chords and clean ’em up a little bit. And that’s kind of the last piece of the puzzle for the entire song, right? Thank you so much you guys for watching that video all the way to the end. If you liked it, feel free to sign up for lessons with us. We’re always taking new students, awesome students just like you, who wanna learn, who are excited about the guitar and who wanna take their plug to the next level. If there’s anything that you guys want to learn, feel free to let me know. I’m always making new content, having fun, and doing this all for free, because I absolutely love it. All right, we’ll see you guys.

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