Piano Lessons

What We’re All About

Learning the piano with us is an exciting, structured, and non-conventional way to master music!
Like our approach with all instruments, we always make it about you.

After assessing your long-term goals and favorite artists/tunes, we create a unique course design that keeps your fire lit and your fingers moving!  From Beatles to Jazz, beginner to advanced, we can teach you to overcome your obstacles, achieve your goals, and have a blast doing it!

Most schools have teachers that simply start making students play out of a dull and uninspiring book.  Although we understand that approach, that is NOT our approach.

We want to know what you want to play so we can teach you the necessary components of theory, scales, and drills based on the music you love.  That’s a lot more fun!

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Check out our awesome student, Ryan playing a classic!

Our method is simple

  1. Get to Know You and Your Goals
  2. Assess Your Current Skill Level
  3. Start Filling in the Blanks
  4. Get You Having Fun Playing Any Song You Want FAST!

The catch is.. You have to practice. Don’t Sign-Up with us if you cannot commit to regular practice! We want you to reach your goals and will give you everything we have every single lesson. It’s up to you to meet us half-way.

“One of my biggest thrills for me still is sitting down with a guitar or a piano and just out of nowhere trying to make a song happen.”

– Paul McCartney

Another great benefit of taking piano lessons with us is you get a chance to play with other students at your skill level. 

Every Saturday we invite our students to sign-up and begin to understand and learn the techniques to jamming with others, which is an awesome experience no matter what skill-level you are currently.

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