“Live music is the cure for what ails ya” – Henry Rollins

Live events are a big part of the fun and value we offer here at McCormick Music Lessons to truly transform our students into the superstars they are meant to become.

From jazz jamming sessions to a total rock & roll night, we will continue to mix it up and keep the live events fresh and fun. The main goal of these events is to educate, inspire, and create the magic that is LIVE music! 
As students at McCormick Music Lessons, all these events are either free or heavily discounted to join.

Types of Live Music Lessons We Offer 

Monthly Group Events

Each month we host a series of group classes that are typically free or heavily discounted for our currently enrolled students. These group music classes are a nice boost to playing practice, creativity, and overall skill improvements. Trust us when we say, our group music lessons involve a lot of fun, learning, and jamming with other students. 

Live Jam Sessions

One of the most popular programs we have are the LIVE jam sessions. Our jamming sessions occur every month and typically feature 2-3 songs from one artist or band for a cohesive sound. Students who want to participate are given at least a month of lessons to practice and prepare with their teacher (so be sure to do your homework!). To jam with us you need to sign up quickly after they are announced because spots fill up fast.

Student Showcase 

The Student Showcase is the main event at McCormick Music Lessons. The showcase occurs twice a year so students have an opportunity to show everything they’ve learned. To get into the showcase the student must sign up and join a rehearsal schedule leading up to the event based on their music interests and skill level. If performing in a full fledged band is the dream, this showcase is going to be the best possible practice!

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