Ukulele Lessons

What We’re All About

It’s amazing how simple and fun the ukulele is to play!  Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Riptide, Lava Song, Can’t Help Falling in Love.
These are just a few of the easy to learn and fun to play songs you will be learning with us!

Wanna take it further than that?  Awesome!  Here at MML you the student are in control.  You hear it and wanna learn it, we teach it.  It’s that simple!  All lessons are customized to fit your personality and taste.

Every lesson is 100% tailored to you and your goals.  On the first day, we assess you, your 6 month and 1 year goals, as well as your favorite songs and artists.  That way we can create a customized flow state to success.  A flow state is achieved when a student is challenged just beyond their current skill level.  This is the best way to build momentum step by step and while keeping you stoked on the lessons and improving every week!

Our ukulele teachers can handle all skill levels from beginners to advanced.  Learn to put a smile on everyone’s face by taking some uke lessons with us!

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No matter what skill level, age, experience, you are currently at, we can help you get to the next level in little time!  Imagine being able to play any song you want.

When Christmas time rolls around, you can spread holiday cheer.  When you’re on vacation, you have an easy to carry ukulele with you to serenade the waves!

Our method is simple

  1. Get to Know You and Your Goals
  2. Assess Your Current Skill Level
  3. Start Filling in the Blanks
  4. Get You Having Fun Playing Any Song You Want FAST!

The catch is.. You have to practice. Don’t Sign-Up with us if you cannot commit to regular practice! We want you to reach your goals and will give you everything we have every single lesson. It’s up to you to meet us half-way.

You’ll be astonished at how quickly you’ll be playing songs you hear on the radio.  In fact, you’ll be playing a song within the first day.  No joke!

Another great benefit of taking ukulele lessons with us is you get a chance to play with other students at your skill level. 

Every Saturday we invite our students to sign-up and begin to understand and learn the techniques to jamming with others, which is an awesome experience no matter what skill-level you are currently.

“I absolutely love my ukulele lessons through McCormick Music Lessons.   I receive private lessons with Daniel once a week.   Having basically no music training whats so ever, I feel that I have improved a lot in six months.    It’s enjoyable to do it my pace and both Andrew and Daniel have been very accommodating to my somewhat hectic schedule.   What’s nice is that Andrew always checks on me to see my progress and make recommendations based on my ultimate learning goals.” 

-Cam T. 

No matter where you’re at, beginner or advanced, our team can take you to the next level!  Don’t be shy, contact us today to get started!  Have more fun now!

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