Drum Lessons You’ll Love Going To

Drum Lessons You’ll Love Going To

Ideal for beginners, young kids, or people just looking for a new skill!
Whether you’re into AC/DC, 5/4 Jazz swing, or just jamming, we’ll make your drum classes fun & help you feel confident playing the songs you love.

Learning to play drums isn’t easy, or else everyone would do it! We understand the frustration of trying to follow boring drum drills or hoping to learn something applicable on YouTube (which is great but can be difficult since the teacher isn’t assessing where your skills are first).

To really learn how to play the drums and have the best chances to stick with it, taking in-person drum lessons is a complete game changer.

First 45-Minute Class For Just $35

What Sets McCormick Music Lessons Apart

We carefully choose drum instructors that love to teach and are invested in their student’s progress. In your first class, we chat about your experience level, your favorite songs and artists, and what you’d like to get out of the drum lessons. 

Every drum lesson will be 100% tailored to the individual and their favorite music, so it’s more likely the teachings will be remembered and that you fall in love with playing. 

You don’t need ANY experience to start drum classes. If you decide the drums are not for you, we have a wide variety of other instruments you can try as well! 

First 45-Minute Class For Just $35

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Getting Started is Simple

  1. Fill out the form to tell us a little about you
  2. We match you with an awesome instructor
  3. You a choose a time slot for your first class
  4. Together you figure out the right program for you

Frequently Asked Questions 

How much does the drum class cost? The 45-minute trial class is $35 so you can meet your instructor, see if it’s a good fit, and decide on the right package. 

What happens if my student does not like it? You are under no contract and may change your mind at any time. We simply ask for a 24 hours notice.  

Do you also offer in-home drum lessons? Most of our students do come to our facility, but we have options for virtual lessons as well.

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