How to Play Hotel California the EASY Way

Wanna crush that super cool Eagles song the easy way and not have to work your butt off to master a few bar chords? Okay, cool. Watch this vid. This is Hotel California by The Eagles played the easy way. If you are struggling with any of the chords or strum pattern, simply visit my [...]

Beginners’ Guide: Parts of the Acoustic Guitar

Are you a complete beginner?  Great!  I've taught countless beginners with NO experience with music at all.  And recently I have condensed all of my years of experience in teaching beginners into one simple and easy-to-follow book titled Guitar Basics.  In the book, the first thing we cover is guitar parts.  Check it out in [...]

How to Play The Joker by Steve Miller Band     Verse: ------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------0h2-0-0----------------------------------- ---------0h2-3-3-----------------0h2-3-3-3-3-2-2-0-0----- --3-3------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------------------0-0----- ---------------------0h2-0-0--------------------0h2---------- --------0h2-3-3-----------------0h2-3-3-3-3---------------- --3-3------------------------------------------------------------ Chorus: G C G C G C D C     Questions on this song?  Email me/call me for free! 714.955.3278