The Trick to Singing and Playing!

Today I wanted to address an issue that many new guitar players encounter. How do I sing and play?!

Well, there is a trick to it. Yes, it takes work, but this method is by far one of the best ways to get it going.

The method I show each student that wants to sing and play at the same time is this:

Break. It. Down.

Listen to the song. A LOT. Sing along and get each note and naunce down.

Next, (obviously) learn the song! Play it just as it is written, get it all down.

Then, and here is the hard part, be patient and start playing one chord at a time. Forget that strum pattern. Sing the song just as is, but play very simply with one chord at a time (usually on the one of each measure). Break it wayyyyyyyyyy down. Slow it wayyyyyyyyyyy down. Eventually, you will get it down and then you can step it up. Start playing a simple Down Down Down Down strum pattern for each chord.


Start with a very simple song!

My favorite two songs to teach beginners when they want to sing and play is Every Rose Has It’s Thorn and Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door. Try ’em out. They are simple to play and simple to sing.

Have fun and for help/more info, contact me for one-on-one services. Each lesson is tailored specifically for you each time!



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