Parts of the Electric Guitar


  Today I wanted to cover one of the very first things I teach all of my beginner students.  It’s the guitar and all of the different parts. 

      Below is an electric guitar.  The acoustic guitar is a little different, but most of everything such as the body, neck, tuning pegs are the same. 

Take a peek!



The machine heads are used for tuning your guitar strings.  Turning them one way will cause it to sound higher (sharp).  Turning them the other way will cause them to sound… yes!  lower (flat). 

The neck contains the frets, which is where your fingers will be to make notes and chords.  For a right-handed person, this hand will be your left hand.  For a left-handed person, the fret hand is your right. 

   On the acoustic guitar, the sound is resonated by use of a hole and a hollow guitar body.  On the electric (the one shown here), we have pick-ups.  By using the selector switch, you can cause the guitar to sound different.  If shifted toward the headstock of the guitar, it will sound deeper and have a fuller tone.  If shifted the opposite way, it will sound bright and sharp.  Everything else is a series of different sounds in between these. 

Have fun and test it out yourself!


Oh yeah, the whammy bar.  Watch at 2:35.  Bam!



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