The Most Ideal Practice Schedule

Hey rockstars!  Happy holidays!

Today I wanted to talk shortly about how often a guitar player should practice.  Most of my clients meet me on a weekly basis (as many of you know).  At the end of each lesson, I make sure they understand exactly what I want them to practice for next week.  The common question is… how much should I practice, Andrew?

Allow me to put your worries to rest.  My first response is..  well, until your fingers hurt so bad you physically can’t play… haha.  jk, but that wouldn’t be a bad idea (think Eddie Van Halen who practiced 12 hours a day).

What I tell students is just  15 minutes a day.

I find that we learn things a lot better if we study in small increments every single day.  Think of it as a balanced diet.  15 minutes a day of whatever skillset you want to learn, be it Guitar, Judo, or Underwater Basket-Weaving.

That’s it.

Hope this helps!

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