Increasing Finger Dexterity

Hello fellow guitar players!  Just yesterday I had a student ask me for something to help him get his pinky finger more strength for playing guitar.  I had just the thing for him.  Listed below is a simple exercise that will not only workout your pinky finger but ALL of your fingers.  It is a solid dexterity exercise that I still use to this day as a warm-up.


1.  Must know string names.

2.  Must be able to read tabs.

Before you get started, take a careful look.  Notice the chromatic pattern.  In this very exercise, use your index finger first, then your middle, then ring, and finally the pinky.  After you get all the way through, try running it backwards.  Then, move everything up one fret and start again!  Once you master that, use alternate picking.  If you get smooth with that, time to bust out the metronome and work on increasing your speed.  Have fun!

Guitar exercise #1:

|——————————————————–1-2-3-4—| < — E string
|———————————————1-2-3-4————–| < — B string
|———————————-1-2-3-4————————-| < — G string
|———————–1-2-3-4————————————| < — D string
|————1-2-3-4———————————————–| < — A string
|-1-2-3-4———————————————————-| < — E string

I’d be happy to answer any questions on this tab if you need help!  No charge!



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